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Hey, Paperblossom here, hope you don’t mind me butting in, but I felt the need to explain myself.

I’m afraid I don’t get why you think that the lyrics of the song indicate certain phonetics?

I’ve studied the whole song in detail before singing it and I honestly believe that their meaning is hard to determine:

"ai-same-CRIER aibu-save-LIAR
Eid-sei-Rising HELL
aishiteru Game sekai no Day
Don’t-sei-War Lie-heishi-War-World
A-Z Looser-Krankheit-Was IS das?”

Looking at the chorus… I mean even if “ai-same” would work as “I say”, for example - what about the next line, the rest of chorus? I see no consistency that indicates that certain words actually have a specific, different meaning.

I do believe that the lyrics are supposed to be sung the way they are written.

Even if they weren’t, I think the meaning of each line can be interpreted in more than one way, so there probably is no right or wrong, which means I have no other choice but to sing them the way they were written, don’t you think?

I could have written my own lyrics based on the original of course, but I wanted to give it a try - sorry if it doesn’t float your boat, I can only assure you that I tried my best.

xenohime Hey, nice to hear your input! In retrospect I think i came off as a bit rude, which wasn’t my intention, so I apologize for that.

Sometimes Sawano’s titles do tricks where words are replaced for other words/characters/symbols of equivalent or similar phonetics (I know you’ve covered other songs from him so I’m sure you’re no stranger to this) the A.Z soundtrack especially does this (two that come to mind immediately are 悲scene and al-door0) and the chorus seemingly follows a similar pattern/notation

I know that the chorus’ meaning is difficult to determine, after all just 6 lines incorporates three different languages, which is why I’m looking at it from the perspective of Sawano’s naming conventions. The first three lines follow a phonetic pattern of ai_ sei_, and admittedly after that it’s more difficult to find corresponding phonetics for some of the other parts.

In the end though, I do acknowledge that I was in the wrong for taking my observations/interpretations as fact, as you said due to the nature of the lyrics there’s likely no right or wrong answer. 

As a side note, I do think you’ve done a great job singing it and I really do look forward to the release, especially considering the final part is in German and I am really excited to hear someone fluent in German sing it.

so Zips posted a bunch of vines in the past two weeks and

Supercell posted the jacket illust for EGOIST’s new single, Fallen. As always, the artist is redjuice.

The tracklist was also revealed, like all EGOIST singles it includes the title song and one other song, along with instrumental versions. The other song is titled 1.4.2



I shouldn't cry, I shouldn't cry
But the truth is, I want to say it:
"Don't go."

Ikanaide duet featuring Mafumafu and Himawari





this is so painful to look at


i wanted to add KK to that duet to make it a trio but his voice is just way too different from the other two

plus KK just plain sings the song differently to the point where unless i added a ton of other people it would have sounded really bad

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22-Year-Old Saves Father, Mother & Sister From Ebola In Her Home

Fatu Kekula, one of the most amazing women I’ve ever seen.


Except … it … wasn’t? The only thing Xillia and Symphonia really have in common is the “two ‘worlds’ that were separated” element, and even that isn’t the same given that while Sylvarant and Tethe’alla were separated to different planes of existence to stop a war, Rieze Maxia was just cut off from Elympios by the schism/shell to prevent the further loss of spirit life. They were still on the same plane of existence, RM just had a bubble around it to keep it safe. But the characters aren’t similar, the overall plot/story arc is incredibly different, and the final antagonists aren’t comparable at all. Even if you wanted to argue that dismantling the schism to supply the world with a burst of mana until Jude could figure out a solution to the spyrix/spyrite problem in Elympios to Lloyd and company sprouting the World Tree, even that in itself is different because dismantling the schism was only a temporary solution, a band-aid on a larger problem, whereas Symphonia’s world tree is a more permanent solution provided humanity doesn’t fuck it up and kill the tree again.

Really, although Xillia borrowed elements from past Tales Series games due to being a fifteenth anniversary title, I rather thought it put an original spin on them, and it certainly didn’t plagiarize Symphonia in any way.

I shouldn't cry, I shouldn't cry
But the truth is, I want to say it:
"Don't go."

Ikanaide duet featuring Mafumafu and Himawari



in the new fairly oddparents movie

timmy turner dies

and becomes a fairy